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Teeny-Tiny Bedroom Solutions

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

In my house things are messy... like I clean it, and it's a disaster within hours kind of messy! I don't know how it happens, but here we are. I've meant to get to Josh's bedroom sooner, because it is so small. It's probably only 11x11, and that's pretty tiny for a full size bed, two vintage chests, and a night stand. I didn't draw up a floor plan for this project, because there wasn't that much to think through. A few months ago I found SO MUCH FOOD in Joshua's room that I lost my mind! I obviously don't go into my kids rooms every day, but food is NEVER allowed in their rooms!! THEY KNOW THAT!! Food is barely allowed in MY room, unless I'm the one eating, and I only do that if my door is locked and I can't be caught, but that's a post for another day. My oldest, Andrew, is coming home for a visit, which means a fire was lit today, when I realized that I had nowhere to put him that wouldn't embarrass me. I cleaned the lower level of the house on Monday, but my husband stacked several loads of clean laundry on the sofa... I can't even have Andrew sleep there! See how I avoided all responsibility for laundry there? It seemed like a great time to tackle Josh's room. We've been here for a year, but Josh's room has been on the back burner while we dealt with figurative fires that needed to be extinguished. I wish I'd taken before photos because Josh's room has undergone a pretty serious transformation. a week ago I had my husband remove the faux-leather full-size bed frame that my teenage son used, and replaced it with a daybed frame that converts from twin to king. BUT... I kept the full-size mattress. Does that make sense? I have the pull-out portion extended about half-way, and it just looks like a super-deep daybed.

Kids Room Makeover double daybed, dog theme, red, white, blue storage bed
Kids Room Makeover

One other big change to his room is the removal of the closet doors. Not sure about your kids, but my son uses his closet the way I did at his age: as a dumping ground. I took down the closet doors, removed two sleeping bags, four pair of shoes that don't fit, and a box of his brothers' homeschool memorabilia, and moved it all to the attic. His closet is extra-deep, so I moved his smaller chest of drawers into the space. That chest holds his baby things, which really should go into a box and into the attic, but that requires more planning than I'm capable of at this stage of motherhood. The closet doors would not allow the drawers of the chest to open, so they had to go. Josh was forever struggling with them, as the track is damaged. So I killed two birds with one proverbial stone.

Dresser in closet, hamper vinyl flooring
Dresser fits in Closet

The larger of the two chests fits perfectly next to the closet, and it's the one he uses for the majority of his clothes. Honestly, this is only about 50% of my plan for this room. On the to-do list: 1. Use left-over cedar pickets to line the wall behind Josh's bed; 2. Find/hang blackout drapes because the afternoon sun is a killer for about six months of the year; and 3. Find a rug that won't impede the door opening and closing... not that he closes it very often. Stay tuned!

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