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EAGALA CERTIFIED EQUINE SPECIALIST seeks one or more state licensed, certified, mental health professionals interested in part time partnership.  We are located in Bonsall, in North County, San Diego.

Pandemonium has two highly empathic and intuitive teams of horses and we are always watching for development of horses to add.  

I am a USAF (Retired officer) spouse, and a US Army (enlisted) parent.  I am well-versed in the military culture, both the enlisted and officer ranks, and live about 15 minutes from Camp Pendleton's Vandegrift Gate.  I have made great strides to complete my continuing education units for my military designation, but have not yet been designated.  I can show documented experience working with the military culture in EAGALA sessions.

Nothing is more powerful than seeing a tough US Marine find the tools he needs to heal in my horses.  Please contact me at 760.697.0795 to discuss. 

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