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T-BONE TEJON, (Spanish for badger), is 1996 offspring of Peppy San Badger. In his younger days T-Bone was a barrel and pole bending horse.  He has been part of our family since 2017, and is the quintessential family horse.  He is loved by all who meet him, and has taught lots of kids the ropes.  We are honored to know a few of his former owners, including his breeder and his former "kid" who is now an adult.  

His breeder bought him back eventually, and brought him home to California.  She was unable to use him as she intended, so she listed him for sale.  My son, Evan, had previously taken English riding lessons, and decided he didn't enjoy it.  When Evan started taking western lessons on T-Bone, the breeder saw the way T-Bone took special care of him.  Evan has Autism, and T was incredibly intuitive and gentle with him.  He is more than a horse to us, as he changed the trajectory of Evan's life.  

It is my privilege to take care of T-Bone for the rest of his life, as he has taken such good care of my children.



PAGE ME TOO, AKA Zeus, is the 2000 born offspring of Page Me First and She Robbed Me Blind.  He makes me laugh regularly as he likes to pretend he is big and mean.  He is big and beautiful... but he's not mean despite his pinned ears.  He is the protector of his herd, and I've watched while he paced back and forth between one of his herd mates and a horse he saw as a potential threat.  He worked very hard to contain his companions and keep them safe.  

He came to us in 2019, and was previously a teenage girl's gymkhana horse.  He has the smoothest canter and gallop I've seen. Zeus was retired from gaming and I bought him to ride trails with Evan. He truly did not care for me.  In fact, after our second outing, he refused to get back into the trailer for a couple of months.  He finally did - just in time, as we relocated out of state. By the time he was delivered by the transport company he was so excited to see someone he knew that he decided I wasn't so bad after all.

Zeus is truly a pocket pony... but he doesn't want you to know that, as he is far too cool.  He thinks he's fooling me when he sneaks up behind me and follows me.  If I stand still long enough he will sniff my hair - just like Joe Biden.

Evan graduated from T-Bone, who we are using to teach our littles, and is currently riding Zeus.  When we moved back to California, Zeus was very stressed and spent a couple of months getting a refresher and learning to relax again.  In order to bond with Zeus, and learn to trust him again, Evan started taking Western Dressage, and they are both excelling.  Zeus loves it, and they look amazing together. 



Tessa is currently searching for a new pasture, and is available to view at Stenerson's Ranch in Bonsall, California.  To see Tessa, please contact Daniel Pulliam at  (575) 613-5148‬ to make an 


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