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How to Arrange Flowers to Make an EASY Patriotic Bouquet

Updated: May 30, 2023

Patriotic Floral Arrangement

Some of you may already know, but Plantation Pandemonium is not just home of The Certifiable Curator Blog. It's also a small horse farm in San Diego County, California, offering equine assisted psychotherapy, primarily for US Service Persons and their families. We do see other members of our community as well, but mostly vets. As a USAF Lt. Col.'s (Retired) wife, and the mom of an enlisted US Army Soldier, this is dear to me.

Mare, Star, gave birth to a foal named Valor during a therapy session last week, which was incredible! I've seen foals a day or two after their births, but never just a minute or so... and I've never had a foal born to a horse who owns my heart as Star does. Valor is confident and curious! We are so excited to welcome him to our therapy program!!

a mare cleaning newborn foal
Dam, Star, with foal, Valor

May ushers in the patriotic holidays in the United States: Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day. I've been busy getting my home and farm ready to celebrate. I've decorated the front porch, but haven't gotten to the gate or back porch just yet. This post is supposed to be about a patriotic floral arrangement, not foals or my porch, but being a bit ADD, I digress - a lot... I'm sorry.

red, white, and blue flowers
Flowers sorted by color

I have been growing wildflowers for the past couple of years. I grow a cut flower garden during the summer. The rain from this past winter was an incredible gift, and I had a gorgeous crop of volunteer flowers by March! They were so cute I couldn't help but admire the handiwork of the Master Gardener in Heaven. :)

I grabbed a few supplies, and set to making a really cute floral arrangement:


-Fresh flowers

-Mason jar partially filled with water

-Ribbon; I chose burlap with wired edges

flower stems in kitchen sink
Strip the stems and wash the leaves down the garbage disposal!

I strip the lower leaves from the stems to keep them from decaying in the water. This is an easy process, which I do with my thumb and index finger. I decided to do this over the garbage disposal, and easily dispose of the debris when I'm finished.

(Ask an ADD person to do almost any job and they will find the fastest, easiest way to accomplish the task. Just sayin.)

I placed one color in the jar at a time, starting with the most bold of the flowers. I put the blue flowers in first because they took up the bulk of the space. Next I added the white flowers, which were also on straight, sturdy stems. I tried to place a couple of white stems around each blue stem. And only when I had the white stems where I wanted them did I add the red poppies. The poppy stems were much more flexible, and kind of bendy. They really helped add the wildflower vibe to the arrangement.

Burlap ribbon
Wired Edge Burlap Ribbon

Lastly, I added a wired burlap ribbon around the neck of the jar, and tied it into a bow. This step is completely optional, but you've come this far, so why not??

flower bouquet in mason jar with ribbon
Reminds me of a fireworks display

The end result reminds me of fireworks! It's bold and tall, but also lacy with some sparkle. It may not be flower shop worthy, but it looks great in my kitchen window. So what do you think? Any chance you will give it a try? If so, send a photo! I'd love to hear your thoughts and see your results!

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