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FREE Snowman Print for Kids!

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Holy wow! When did December arrive? I'm pretty sure my brain is still on the way to Kansas for Thanksgiving. My current chaos is as follows:

1. My 18YO got home from college for his Christmas break last night. 2. The Santa inflatable in the front yard has been laying on his back for several days. He looks like he's been dipping into the egg nog a bit early this year! 3. The horses broke through the arena fence last night - thankfully, no injuries, but now I can't leave them turned out up there...knuckle heads!!

4. I need to get Honey, my young, off the track Thoroughbred, into the trailer so I can take her to be finished. She is 100% my dream horse, and I love her! But I'm not consistent enough to train her myself. Just. get. in. the. trailer! My brain has been very creative, but I haven't really got much to show for it... but I did make you a printable Christmas gift, which you will find below. I have a million more designs in my brain, but being so busy I haven't had time to crank them out. Maybe I need to lock myself in my bedroom for a few hours? My current plan is to set up a shop here, on my blog, for customizable printable artwork. However, my 10YO has interrupted me so many times already that this tiny post has taken me almost 45 minutes! I wish I were kidding. Maybe I need to lock myself in a hotel room for a day or two?? I'm seeing a pattern here... We plan to celebrate the gift that is God's only Son this year! The greatest gift I will ever receive is to know my children learn to love the Lord.


3 John 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.


Bunny Snowman Watercolor Art free
FREE Bunny Snowman Watercolor Art


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