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Floral Wire Easter Bunny

This week I made THE cutest, fastest Easter bunnies ever! Seriously, I could have made dozens of these little guys in no time! I had just been thinking my mantle needed a new garland when I came across this cute idea, and like magic my truck was pointed toward Hobby Lobby! It took me a while to figure out that the spool of wire I needed was not in the ribbon section, but the floral department, near the floral foam. I won't make you explain to your 10 year old son why it really IS faster to wander aimlessly around wedding decor and ribbon aisles, looking for what I now know is floral wire, than to find a store employee and try to describe what it is you're looking for. To my future daughter in law, you're welcome! I'm doing my best to indoctrinate him early.


To get started, I gathered my supplies:

  • Floral wire

  • Flower embellishments

  • Wire cutters

  • Glue gun

  • One-quart paint can to measure/form circle


I started by wrapping the floral wire around my paint can five times. You can make these as full or sparse as you wish. You can make them any size you wish. If you want to make smaller heads, use a measuring cup. Be creative! Throw caution to the wind! I found that I preferred four circles, and the fifth to wind around the new tiny "wreath," locking it in place.

After wrapping, I did have to reshape them so they weren't too wonky. These are supposed to have a homespun look, so there is no need to fuss over the shape too much. In fact, it's a great craft for elementary age kids, who have strong enough finger strength to bend the wire.

Next, I cut ears. I held up the wire to my little bunny head, and eyeballed it. From there, I cut two of the same length, and bent them into ear shapes. Once I had the shape I liked, I wrapped the ends around the head to attach them.

Lastly, I used my hot glue gun to attach the flower embellishments to the top, creating a headband that spanned from ear to ear.

I picked up some additional floral wire that had little flower buds attached, and draped it across my mantle. My fireplace is about 9' wide, and this easily draped loosely from one corner to the other - twice. Not too much, not too little. I used every inch of it, though. This additional wire served as a garland, and on the hooks I attached bunny heads. That's it... very simple, very homespun. (And no, I haven't had a chance to makeover my mantle yet... but I promise that will happen soon!!! I have a Tudor home, not Colonial!!)

That's IT! Seriously, y'all! This is such a cute project for the few minutes of work invested. Take a homeschooling life-skills day, and teach those kids to decorate! Let me know, in the comments below, if you have any thoughts on this project or any questions. I'll do my best to reply and answer them.


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